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CoLab Software is a Canadian startup that empowers engineering teams to execute projects faster and more effectively. 

The company started after experiencing collaboration challenges as students on Hyperloop and Baja teams, and then recognizing these same issues in industry with some of the world's most innovative companies. 

Since launching our solution with innovative companies in the industry, we're now prepared to help student teams collaborate better, and create innovative solutions to compete on a global scale. 

Our team knows about student competitions - and we want to help you succeed. 

The Sponsorship Program Includes:

CoLab Software wants to empower you to create incredible designs and compete globally - without unnecessary headaches.

Meet Gradient

Email. Spreadsheets. Paper. Engineering teams create some of the world's most innovative technology, but they're using tools that are slowing them down - wasting up to 25% of their time.

Supercharge your design process with Gradienta collaborative platform that centralizes your design communications, review process and action management.

About CoLab Software

Free Annual Gradient Licenses For Your Team (>$500 USD Value Per User)

Software Design Reviews
(One Team Selected Per Competition)

Free 1-Hour Onboarding and Support

Monthly Office Hour for Engineering/Project Mentorship

Mechanical Design Reviews
(One Team Selected Per Competition)

Early Access to CoLab Internship and Full-Time Positions

Apply for the CoLab Software 

Student Team Sponsorship Program




Our Expectations

Our primary goal is to work with teams who are as committed to their design projects as we are to making Gradient the best design/issue management program in the world.

If your team is selected for sponsorship, we will invite you to participate in a case study and share testimonials based on your experience using Gradient to do the cool work you are doing. We will also participate in co-branding with select teams to showcase our partnership.

As students, you are the bright minds of today and the leaders of tomorrow. We value your perspective and hope that if Gradient helps your team, you will help others by spreading the word!

CoLab Software is aiming to sponsor 15-20 teams in 2018/2019 and will be assessing applications on a rolling basis.

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